The Mmmm of delight that our customers utter makes all the difference; by serving sweet chocolaty crêpes, waffles, and fruits, we aim for beaming smiles that cannot be wiped and contagious happiness that cannot be undone.


ChocoFruit is a casual sweet and savory crêpes & chocolate fountain store that serves happiness through diverse chocolate desserts that are prepared primarily in live stations to allow customers to indulge in their freshly served favorites. ChocoFruit is an unequaled concept that thrives upon its commitment to uphold business ethics and honor family values, where everything is prepared with love, integrity, pride, and passion. Our delicacies are inevitable doses of happiness that will turn ChocoFruit into your dearest getaway.!!

The magic of ChocoFruit lies in its distinctiveness and its culture- a street dessert and a lifestyle; a time honored in tradition. As your senses embark on a palatable journey, you’ll feel the magic through our familial hospitality and warmth while engaging with people dedicated to guaranteeing superb services. Our traditional and unique tastes will take you to the plazas of France and Belgium while you dine in our premises.


Seeing the EMMM on the faces of our customers by serving sweet Chocolaty Crepes, waffles, and Fruits. Our aim is to bring happiness thereafter.

OUR   Promise

Our promise is to serve desirable delicacies that yield instantaneous pleasure and happiness as you share those moments with your loved ones, therefore creating indelible memories marked by fondness and bliss. Here’s how we can accomplish this:


At ChocoFruit, we are devoted to freshness – fresh base, fresh Belgian chocolate, and fresh-cut produce and fruits. If it is not fresh, it is not in our kitchen!


By using the finest ingredients, we combine quality with freshness to deliver sublime tastes and unparalleled dining experiences.


Our diligent team prepares orders right before our customer’s eyes. At ChocoFruit, not only do we want our customers to be pleased and satisfied, but also involved and entertained while their food is being prepared.

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